Failing Norwich dentistry cleaned clinical areas with mop used for toilets – as inspectors slam surgery

The practice on Plumstead Road, Norwich (pictured), run by Robert Burkett, has been slammed by the health inspectors, who have

ordered immediate improvements.

The inspectors, from health watchdog the Care Quality Commission (CQC), visited the surgery in October and found a number of failings, including:

– Patients were not getting safe and effective treatment in accordance with regulations.

– Essential information about patients’ treatment was missing from records.

– Dentists were not up-to-date on essential radiography training.

– Some clinical areas were not clean.

The CQC has given the surgery two “requirement notices” – meaning the surgery must send reports for each area explaining how they will improve.

The CQC’s inspectors reported concerns over the hygiene of the practice, and poor infection control.

According to the report: “The practice’s cleaning equipment did not meet with national guidance and the same mop was used to clean the toilet and also the treatment areas, compromising good infection control.”

In addition: “Treatment room walls were covered in wooded chip paper, making them difficult to clean effectively. Drawer handles and insets were sticky and dirty and had not been cleaned in some time. We noted some loose and uncovered items in drawers within the splatter zone that risked becoming contaminated over time.”

The inspectors were also told of occasions when patients had suffered harm.

One patient sustained slight bruising and a graze after getting their neck stuck in a dental chair’s headrest, while another patient hurt their arm on some brickwork at the entrance of the practice.

But the report also highlighted that patients praised the staff, and commented that they received good follow-up and after-care by dentists.

They also felt involved in decision-making over their care, the report said.

The dental practice, which employs two dentists, has not responded to this newspaper’s request for a comment.

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